Honored friends,
1. Welcom to the WEB site of the Communists of Subotica. We are one of organisations of communists, and are the ideological and legal successor of Communist’s Party of Yugoslavia / League of Communistst of Yugoslavia. As in Yugoslavia, Communist’s party in Subotica also arised in year 1919., as a result of a longstanding struggle between oppressed people and exploiters. Also nowadays we are guided by works of Marx, Engels, Lenjin and Tito and are learnig from them.
2. We are an authentic party of workers, peasants, engineers, youth – of people of labour world. Our political work is based on The Programm of 1958. (VII. Congress of KPJ), which is amended on the XVI. Congress in 1994. The last goal of us communists is construction of a classless society. Our long-term goals also are:
· socialism on the base of public (society’s) ownership and self-management;
· Jugoslavia from Triglav (a mountin-peak in Slovenia) to Djevdjelija, on a voluntary base and on a free choice of all nations who live here;
· freedom, independency and nonalignment of our country;
· equality of our nations and ethnic groups in all spheres of life and work, in use of lenguages and writings, in cherishing of cultural traditions (heritage), in education, in information etc.
3. SKJ neither did nor shall accept the breaking up of Socialistic Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, as the result of usurpation made by the reachest countries of world and by nationalistic elites in the republics and provinces of Yugoslavija.
4. We are consistent opponents to the globalisation as a new form of neocolonialism, which is leaded by the USA through multinational companies. We are supporting the national referendum about (non)joining to NATO, as well as to EU. Europe – yes, because we are the part of Europe – but in freedom and international exchange of work.
In international politics we support return of refugees and displaced people to the recently war-stricken areas, submitting demands on compensation for damages caused by the NATO alliance aggression, cooperation with communistic and worker’s (labor) parties and revolutionary and movements for liberation.
5. We oppose to this impudent plunder through privatisation which is taking place here in Serbia and Montenegro. The present and preceding reforms bring a better standard of living only to that which grab public (society’s) property and so impoverishing the huge majority of the creators of properties.
We do not oppose the private property, but we do categorically oppose the oppression. Let the private property be in agriculture, trade, in hotel & restaurant management and in turism.
6. The opponents of communism in the world want to convince that we want the dictatorship of the proletarians — that is true — but not in sens of dictatorships of Pinoche, Hitler and Stalin. We in Yugoslavia suceedded at the most to develop that: the labour-self-management; it was not completed and was not without faults, but the huge majority of Yugoslavians realised and was convinced that it was a way of building a human sociaty, because we had: the right to work in the whole contry, the free education, free health care and social insurance, the right to get an apartmant or credit for building a house, the right for rest and recreation, the right to protection from work-injuries, solidarity between people, the right to cherish the national identity in all fields of living, the right to make decisions in disposing properties, etc. Because of all these results and goals, because of human-being-worthy life — has the YU to be overthrown?!
7. Subotica is a provincial city in northern part of Serbia and Montenegro, about ten kilometers from Hungarian border. Here live 148,401 inhabitants, in 35 local communities. Subotica was a developed middle-European city with significant resources: infrastructure, developed economy and trade, cultural establishments, with 21 primary school, 6 secondary schools, 2 advanced schools and 3 colleges, with a small lake in the vicinity, named Palic. Formerly 55,000 employed were here; nowadays there is perhaps 25,000 employed and 21,000 unemployed – which points only out that our city stagnates.
Multitude of diversities is a resource of this milieu; the same is with multinationalities: 38,5% Hungarians, 11.5% Croats, 10,9% Bunjevacs, 14% Serbs, 5.8% Yugoslavs, 1% Gypsies, 0.12% Montenegrins is the national structure here – 25 nationalities end ethnic groups live here – although there were attempts to sow discord between people, to divide people on national or ethnic basis.
8. Informations about us:
· Address: OK SKJ u Srbiji
Trg Cara Jovana Nenada 15/II
Serbia and Montenegro

· e-mail: komunistisubotice@suonline.net

· Phone: +381 24 555965

· giro account: 355-1021981-64
at the bank: Vojvodjanska banka Novi Sad
Filijala (Branch Office) Subotica

· address of our organisation on the level Republis of Serbia:

RK SKJ u Srbiji
Obilicev venac 4/V
Serbia and Montenegro.